As sweet as candy

Recently, my charity shop focus has been on one thing….blue plates.  Don’t ask – it’s an interior design effort which, if successful, I’ll report back on in a few weeks.  However, this has meant my focus has been a little bit awry in terms of clothes and accessories. So, I’d booked off work yesterday and in an effort to cheer my soul AND my wardrobe, I went for a wander through my local charity shops. How glad am I that I did.

I didn’t have a goal other than to pick up a few summer wardrobe treats. I had £10 in my pocket and the willpower and determination to spend no more than that.  1 hour later and I had 4 gorgeous tops in hand, all for the princely sum of £8.90. So, I’m going to talk you through each one individually over the next few days, but my favourite item was this one – the candy-striped bow blouse.

This is a gorgeous little blouse from Next, with stunning bow detail at the neckline and the dinkiest heart-shaped buttons on the front and the sleeves. It’s a grey and pink stipe which looks beautiful on – puffy (but not too much so) at the sleeves, and nipped in at the waist.

It’s a gorgeous take on the 40s/50 candy stripe trend and perfect tied at the waist with skinny jeans and pastel-coloured wedges. Or with a high-waisted pencil skirt, a killer pair of platforms and a sharp splash of red lippy!

The stripes trend was big for Spring/Summer 2011 but it hasn’t gone away just yet-have a look at what’s currently on offer in Hobbs

Lots and lots and lots of stripes – in various guises. Just goes to show that true vintage style will trend for all time.

Oh – have just realised – what did I pay for it, I hear you ask? Well, it was £3.75 but marked down to half price, so this stunning and versatile wardrobe staple set me back an astonishing £1.90!

And that was only one of 4 great bargain finds from my local NI Hospice shop – I’ll update you on the rest later in the week 🙂

Rosie xx

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