Couture Taste, Charity Shop Budget

I think I said in my very first blog post that being a charity shop lover doesn’t preclude me from having the odd splurge in regular stores. Neither does my charity shop fascination reduce my interest, or prevent me from investing in quality fabric, tailoring or design. You’ve seen my gorgeous Scaasi dress for instance!
I also love nothing more than looking at pictures from couture catwalk shows to drool over cut, colour, shape and fabric. Looking is as far as I go though-I love to find inspiration to brighten up old wardrobe staples! I have my designer favourites of course, none more so than the elegant L’Wren Scott and the vivacious Vivienne Westwood, which brings me neatly to this Age NI bought dress.

High-street stores are great at taking couture highlights and adapting them to suit their range. I’m pretty sure that’s why this beautiful Oasis dress caught my eye last week.

Vivienne Westwood is renowned for her use of check fabrics, origami folds and close-fitting bodices. Have a look at the stunning Sea Monster Halton dress at

This Oasis dress combines all three elements. It’s a perfect example of high-street doing high-fashion.  Now, Oasis is a shop that I’ve loved for many years, albeit the hemlines are often a little shorter than I can cope with and their waists sometimes seem a bit high. But for the most part, they do trends really well. And had I seen this dress when it was on the rails, I’d probably have nabbed it.

Luckily, I was on a lunchtime wander in the Age NI shop when I stumbled across this gem of a dress for £2. It’s a perfect piece for work-I’m already looking toward to pairing it with knee-high boots, a bright cardi and chunky knit hosiery for winter. But it’s also perfect for a night out with a statement necklace and killer stilettos. Versatile, quality, couture-inspired style for the price of a lip balm. Genius.

So, it might be a while before I’m investing in the Sea Monster Halton Dress (I can but dream) but when the local charity shops are carrying stock like this, at least I’ve got a Plan B!

Rosie xx

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