Fabric fantastic

img_2257The Husband went on a bit of a craft beer odyssey at his favourite off-licence on the Ormeau Road this afternoon. So, I tagged along with the idea of picking up some fabric in one my two favourite charity shops in Belfast – Oxfam & NI Hospice – while he was ruminating over stout!

I have a little sewing project on the go (more to come) and I had thought I’d spot some interesting old curtains that I could revamp. I popped into Oxfam first and didn’t see anything ‘jumping out’ at me. So off I trudged in my hiking boots to keep the ice and snow at bay and, as usual, was warmly welcomed into the treasure trove of the NI Hospice shop.

Just in case it’s of interest, they’ve got some lovely china for sale at the moment. But I wandered on by to the fabric section and found the gorgeous material photographed. It’s an end of roll remnant! I couldn’t believe it-it’s going to be perfect for my vintage-style project. And with three metres to play with, there’s lots of potential. It was also priced at £4 which was amazing.

My visit today completely summed up what I love about charity-shop shopping. 
1. You never know what you’re going to find!
2. The pricing is fantastic and you know that no matter what you pay, it’s all going towards a charitable cause
.  The quality of the products on offer is often staggering.  To top my experience off, I had a great chinwag with the lady behind the counter! It turns out that she makes vintage cup & saucer set candles which are often on sale in the shop. We had a good old chat about crafting and sewing and how much fun it is to make things for yourself.

Anyway, enough of my ramblings! The moral of this charity shop tale is that no matter what you’re after, check your local charity shop first. They stock such a wide range that I’m never disappointed. And I’m sure you won’t be either. I look forward to filling you in on what this lovely remnant becomes in the next few weeks!

Rosie xx

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