Forrest Gump Fashion

I recently mentioned on my Twitter feed @GirLovesVintage that I’d picked up a beautiful Scaasi dress last year. I could not believe that I had stumbled across such a quality piece or that someone could ever bear to give it up! Arnold Scaasi was a renowned Canadian designer who worked through the 50s to 90s. You can read more about him here

The dress is one of many lovely items that I’ve picked up from my favourite NI Hospice shop for an incredible £8.  A little like the handmade blue dress I’ve posted about on a previous blog, it shouted at me from the rails. But for some reason I wasn’t sure about it when I got home…silly girl! Because after a year (oops) in my wardrobe, I took it out, tried it on again and remembered what I loved about it in the first place-quality, tailoring and style.

In my pictures, I’ve accessorised with an (ancient) Oasis belt and (even more ancient!) Hard Hearted Harlot shoes. Good modern accessories can often bring older pieces of clothing to life and make them a little more wearable day-to-day. A splash of red always works with nautical navy and white. And there’s definitely something of the vintage sailor-girl about this dress anyway. The label marks it out as 80s but it has the classic look of the 40s/50s for me.

The material is rayon and it’s beautifully lined with gorgeous details like three hook-and-eye fasteners to tighten it beautifully at the neck. It also has little buttons at the base of the collar to make sure it sits perfectly. Such attention to detail makes me irrationally happy! Now that I’ve rediscovered it, I can’t wait to wear it.

Outrageously lovely finds like these are the reason I adore charity shops. They are the chocolate boxes of the retail world – in the words of Forrest, ‘you just never know what you’re gonna get!’

Rosie xx

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