In love with a dress

img_2256I don’t even know where to start with this purchase! I don’t think I’ve ever found anything so ‘me’ in a charity shop…and that’s saying something given the amount of purchases I’ve made and the incredible things I’ve found!

Iwas making my way down the Ormeau Rd in Belfast after an appointment and popped into my favourite NI Hospice Shop. If I said the angels started to sing, I wouldn’t be exaggerating:) This dress was on a mannequin in the shop and I stood staring at it for about 5 mins before I darted to the counter before anyone else could get their mucky paws on it!

The lovely assistants couldn’t have been more helpful (as usual), happily undressing the mannequin for me, and offering it to me to try on. But I knew I didn’t need to try it-I had ‘the feeling’ that it was made for me! I told them I wanted to take it there and then, and asked the price. I honestly could have fallen over when the lovely man who served me said it was £12…but it was now half price, therefore £6…The angels started singing again 🙂

This is why I love charity-shop shopping.  Incredible pricing on items that you wouldn’t find anywhere else. One-off finds that you know are made for just you.

And so I took it home, tried it on and it felt like it had been made for me. Literally. The material is so heavy, it’s beautifully lined and clearly handmade with love.  Mr GLV loved it. It’s the colour of my wedding dress, which I’m sure is the reason I ran at it in the shop-it’s ‘my colour’. Every part of the dress fits me like a glove, from bust to hips. I’m counting the days until spring warms up so that I can put it on and wear it with a big smile on my face!

To top it all, the style is stunning. tailored to perfection and totally Mad Men Joan-my heroine. High collar, primary colour, tight at bust and waist, and a beautifully pleated skirt full of contrast polka dot lining.

So yes, I’m in love…with a dress…a perfect dress!

Rosie xx

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