No Need For New Year Panic!

So the turkey’s been devoured, the Babycham guzzled and the candles burnt at both ends. That’s Christmas over and time to enjoy an elasticated waist for a week or two…Or not!

It’s New Year’s Eve Eve. And what does that mean? Party dress panic. Oh yes, nothing in the wardrobe fits, the sales are a nightmare, and New Year will be a disaster because you can never truly enjoy yourself in Spanx…Well just hold on one teeny little minute because the anxiety eradicator is at hand. Go, open your wardrobe and pull out that reliable LBD you’ve had for decades which is elegant, comfortable AND makes you feel great. Forget the little voices in your head telling you that everyone you’ve ever known has seen you in it…10 times…at least…And then bring out the piece de resistance.

Yes. That’s right, the show stopper vintage accessory. Also known as the mesmeriser 🙂

Put those incredible 50s earrings on, carry that knock-out vintage handbag or bedazzle the crowds with a one-in-a-million necklace and lo-and-behold no one cares about your dress! They’ll all just think you look fabulously different and won’t actually know why. Or else they’ll zone straight in on that mesmerising pre-loved bling and you can regale them with your tremendous vintage-finding ways. Outfit AND your witty repartee sorted!

Then all you need to do is waft through the party like a gentle spritz of Coco Chanel.


Rosie xx

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