Shopping Smart

Smart casual. Two littles words that on their own make perfect sense but together used to make me wince!

I was never good at smart casual. I love being dressed up in skirts and dresses and heels i.e smart. Now, that’s all well and good until you’re away for the weekend and fancy a casual stroll on the beach or up a mountain. Note to self, peep toes and sand do not a heavenly match make. Neither do 4 inch stilettos and 40 degree inclines!

My problem was, once I got out of the ‘smart’ zone, my ‘casual’ look was more like car crash fashion. All elegance was lost. Bootcut jeans made me feel dumpy. Wide linen trousers made me feel small. Flat shoes made me cry! I needed a role model…
And then I found one-the adorable Millie Fox from Silent Witness. There she is, series after series, running around after corpses, solving great dilemmas, and all without breaking a sweat and still looking the like the epitome of, yes, smart casual.  I analysed her look until I had the formula. Tada – there it was and oh so simple too! Skinny jeans, jacket, simple top. High heels, flat boots and everything in between. Job done. Now, she does have her odd boho moments, or as we say in our house, ‘boho…oh no’. We forgive her those indiscretions.

And so that’s how I came to pick up these gorgeous jackets in my local NI Hospice and Marie Curie stores. I decided that I had smart casual nailed, got over my fear of skinny jeans, set out on a smart jacket agenda and haven’t looked back.  I now go out in search of the Millie look-in the Fox sense, not the Belfast meaning, that is!

My versatile charity shop jackets do me from day to night. Casual boots, jeans, jacket and scarf for stomping about highways, by-ways, fields and meadows. A minor amendment to high heels, chunky vintage jewellery and a sparkly top for night time revelry.

So, not only am I shopping smarter in my local charity shops, these great stores are also helping me keep the smart casual conflict at bay. Thank goodness for them…and Millie!

Rosie xx


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