The Mighty Brooch

Inspired by the stunning diamond duette piece on The Antiques Roadshow last night, I thought I’d write about some recent brooch purchases from my local charity shops.

Twitter friends know all about my love of vintage brooches! It’s somewhat of an obsession, particularly when it comes to silver-toned paste ones. My ultimate vintage find would be a diamond duette just like the one on tv last night. Stranger things have happened indeed 🙂 But until this faint-inducing event occurs, I love to add to my costume brooch collection by picking up pretty items when I see them in charity shops.

I think I began to really love brooches when I realised that accessories can change any outfit. A brooch can completely transform a jacket, scarf, dress or even your shoes, handbags and hair! I love nothing more than putting a little vintage bling into the centre of a side-bun 🙂 But for years, the humble brooch was out of fashion. I remember my Granny wearing one on her ‘good’ coat, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen my Mum wear one. At some point, unless you’re Queen Elizabeth II (whose brooch collection I most envy-see lapel of lemon coat at Kate and Will’s wedding for starters!) they became old-fashioned…but not in a good way.

Lately this has changed. You can find brooches in any high street fashion store. No doubt it’s part of the high street’s continued piggy-backing on the current trend for vintage style. I’m not interested in these types of brooches though. For me, it’s always more fun to find an authentic piece with a few dings that’s been around the block and has some history.

The floral one pictured (£0.50, Marie Curie) is a very cute scarf clip with a large circular, hinged fastener. I really wish there had been two as they would have made perfect shoe clips! Even so, it will be lovely on a plain coloured scarf with skinnies and a fitted shirt. The deco piece (£5, NI Hospice) is probably the most expensive vintage brooch I’ve ever bought, but it’s wonderful. The style, shape and colour are stunning and it has a really unusual fastener with a little silver flower on the end. I cant wait to add it to an LBD. And finally, the feather brooch (£2.50, NI Hospice) is signed BSK, a maker I’d love to find more of locally. It’s heavy and lustrous, and is currently brightening up a very cute jacket.

So, in my opinion the humble brooch has recently developed into the mighty brooch again. It can add personality to an outfit; it can be a talking point in your hair; it can cover up a little tear on a handbag; it can literally cheer up any outfit. What’s not to love. If you’ve not been a brooch fan to date, give one a try. There will be no going back!

Rosie xx

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