‘The Vintage Bag Maketh The Lady’

My title ‘quote’ is a tad contrived (by me) but I’m quite sure you get my drift! I cannot adequately explain the depth of my adoration for this bag. Some might call that shallow…I call it a wee bit obsessed.

I was almost hyperventilating when I saw this bag on the shelf in the British Heart Foundation on Castle Street. It’s a great charity shop with a good mix of books, clothing and bric-a-brac. There isn’t a specific vintage section but there’s always a lot of interesting stock to rummage through. Sometimes (ardent charity shop devotees will know this too well) you walk into a store and your eye is very quickly drawn to a particular item. I can spot quality vintage from a thousand paces and heaven help anyone who tries to reach it before I do 🙂

I loved this bag firstly for the excellent condition it was in and the obvious care that its previous owner(s) had given to it. The snakeskin was lustrous and almost unworn. But, oh, an even greater surprise was yet to reveal itself because upon opening this stunning clutch, I realised that it wasn’t JUST a clutch. Oh no! Inside was hidden a top handle. And that wasn’t all. There was a shoulder chain too. I had stepped into a veritable vintage bag fairytale 🙂

The £6 I spent in BHF was one of the best vintage/charity shop investments I have ever made. This bag is stunning as well as useful and versatile, and above everything else it makes me happy when I use it. It adds elegance to every outfit it accompanies. It sums up absolutely my love of all things vintage-it’s beautiful, much-loved, full of character and quirkiness, and I’ll never see another one like it swinging on someone’s arm down Royal Avenue.

So, yes, it’s just a bag (in theory). And yes, I’ve spent a (relatively) inordinate amount of time gushing about it. But a vintage bag does funny things to a girl. It’s true.

Rosie xx

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