Top handle treat


This is my most recent charity shop purchase, £3.50 from a Marie Curie Cancer Care shop in Belfast…and how much do I love it 🙂  I am a big lover of handbags, and have a particular weakness for vintage evening bags. In the last number of years I’ve been lucky enough to pick up a Waldybag and Fassbender among others in my charity shop excursions (more about these at a later date) but this one is slightly different to my usual finds.

It’s a modern bag from Debenhams, made from Italian leather and there are a few reasons why it’s right up my street at the minute! Firstly, I was badly in need of a good day-to-day handbag that was big enough for work but still had the structure and style of a classic. Secondly, top handle bags are bang on trend at the moment – just check out Marie Claire’s feature on Victoria Beckhams latest ‘Harper’ range:

Thirdly, if ever there was a day bag that exuded the style of Mad Men’s Joan, then this is it!

It has a large inner, with a zipper inside – perfect for mobile, makeup and notebook. It opens with a magnetic fastening at the front, under the faux buckle, and has brass coloured feet and handle fastenings for extra durability.

It’s not original 50s/60s and that’s always a slight sadness for me…but I know I will have this little bag for many years to come, and it has already had its first day at the office.

Definitely a recession-busting handbag – who needs to spend a fortune on an It-Bag when there are gems like these in our local charity shops!

Rosie xx

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