Vintage Family

img_2191Today’s blog isn’t about a lovely vintage find. It’s not about charity shopping. It’s not even about fashion. And nope, I’m not feeling unwell! I just wanted to share my thoughts on a phenomenon I’ve had the fortune to be part of in the last few months – a Twitter phenomenon we like to call #vintagefamily.
I was a late adopter of Twitter, only really getting involved at the start of this year. To be honest, I’d run out of husbands, friends and family to witter on at about vintage finds and charityshop bargains! So I set up my twitter account @Girlovesvintage to try and find people with the same interests as me. Forward on a few months and I found myself heading to the post office today to send a vintage secret Santa parcel to one of my #vintagefamily friend.

Twitter gets a bad rap for bullying, nastiness and general negativity. In the last few months my experience couldn’t have been less like this perception. I’ve been welcomed into an interesting twitter community that promotes all aspects of the vintage world and treats people with kindness and respect.
I’ve become acquainted with twitter friends who like me, have a love of all things vintage, in particular handbags and brooches. Who’d have thought that #bringbackthebrooch campaign could elicit so much interest! I’ve been able to talk ad infinitum about classic penguin books, vintage fairytale collections and my love of stationery and gift-wrapping without so much as a strange look. I’ve spoken at length with members of the #vintagefamily about everything from Marvel comics and great movies, to tuna sandwiches and root canals…eclectic indeed! And to top it all, today I popped my vintage secret parcel in the post as a result of a thoughtful idea that has brought 12 #vintagefamily members together for some festive craic.

So what’s the moral of my blog post? There’s an awful lot of negativity in the world and more specifically in the twitter-sphere. But there are also a lot of great people out there who are interesting, kind and put a smile on your face through the medium of Twitter. People just like the #vintagefamily that I’m delighted to be part of. People who you would never have the chance to encounter without Twitter. I’ve met the lovely Kitty, Ray, Alice, Gemma and Brooke, and many, many more vintage friends besides. I’m already looking forward to the day we get the #vintagefamily tweet-up organised. Yay for the digital age!

Rosie xx

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