60s Shift

IMG_0409.JPGThe enthralling ‘Cilla’ hit our tv screens a few weeks ago and thrust sixties fashion at us in all its vibrant technicolor. To be perfectly honest, it took me until the second episode to reconcile myself with the big hair and colour explosion.

I love the elegant tailoring of the 40s and the full skirts of the 50s. The 60s always seemed a bit too bright and brash for my liking. I suppose the fashion was merely conveying the freedom from constriction that the 60s was all about. I like corsets, enough said!

There is one fashion highlight of the decade though, and for me that’s the shift dress. Shapely at the shoulders and bust, gently skimming the waist and hips, it’s a flattering fit. It combines freedom of movement with clever, minimal tailoring-that’s why it works so perfectly, and who could possibly argue with Jackie O or Audrey H, the shift dress’ biggest fans.

When I chanced upon this Oasis dress last week in a Save the Children store in Bangor, I was immediately sold-and at £3 how could I refuse! Blue is my colour, and the simple colour blocking is still a welcome trend in AW14. Perfect with knee-highs and thick black tights for work, and with a chunky necklace and t-bars for the evening, this is a versatile little black (& blue) dress for my wardrobe!

Every decade has had its fashion fails, but also had its moments of glory. I love to see those glories being revived in modern fashion, and this Oasis dress has taken the best bit of the 60s in my opinion and made it work for 2014.

Rosie xx

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