Bring Back the Bolero!

Ok, before I start I must confess to a little plagiarism…I took this blog title from the musings of the lovely @thevintagesuitcase with whom I’ve been discussing the benefits of boleros on twitter.  Vintage sisters @kittylouvintage and @brookeslay have also been party to this conversation. Look them all up when you’re on twitter!

We are all in agreement that the bolero needs a comeback, in the same way that the brooch does, as well as several other vintage classics. Our list is substantial! In fairness, though, I’m a bit of a late adopter of this particular item. The last time I owned a bolero I was 11. It was part of a suit, a navy checked suit, with an ankle length skirt. Ahem…At the time, I loved it, which I suppose is all that matters!

When I saw this beautiful pink version in Oxfam for £1, I thought it was worth taking a punt on something I wouldn’t normally wear, and I’m really glad I did.

In the pictures, I’ve paired it with an ancient Etam dress that I bought about 15 years ago to wear on one of my first dates with my now husband.  The bolero is perfect with it-the colour is so vibrant and pops the pink embroidery of the dress right out. The ¾ length sleeves and pretty neckline all give a very simple little dress a much more elegant look. I’ve added a gorgeous aurora borealis necklace and picked out a cute brooch and shoes that would add the finishing touch for a lovely evening out.

It just goes to show that £1 can go a long way in the style stakes so always take a look at the sale rails, even in your local charity shops. Thank you Oxfam for such a lovely treat! And don’t ever be afraid to try something you don’t think ‘is you’. You might be surprised.

Rosie xx

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