Christmas Wouldn’t Be Christmas Without…

It’s that time of year again and it’s no secret that I’m not the c-word’s biggest fan. That makes me sound like a cold-hearted Scrooge, which I’m honestly not, I promise!

What I struggle with at this time of year though is activities, behaviours and expectations that are the very antithesis of what I think Christmas is about. Too often, I see so much stress, financial pressure and general unhappiness during the festive season. That’s what makes me sad and sometimes angry at this time of year. I’ll put my cards on the table – I’m an atheist – but irrespective of my beliefs, or lack of them, I do feel that Christmas should be a time of kindness and consideration. It’s the perfect opportunity to be thoughtful, to give without expecting in return and to bring a bit of warmth and light to the cold, dark days of winter!

One way that I love to bypass the insane commercialism and chaos, and regain my festive mojo is by vintage Christmas shopping! I’ll tell you why.  I was in a well-known store last week during an offer day and I have never seen so many gift sets fly out the door. I thought about all those people who would be getting a tick-box gift on Christmas Day. And I then thought about the vintage gifts I have given and received over the years and how much care and consideration goes into their purchase.

That’s why vintage presents are fab! You can’t just buy them in bulk from one shop, all prettily packaged and ready to go. You have to really think about the person you’re buying for. What is it they love? What era? What style? If they love Pyrex, what design? If they love bags, do they prefer leather or lucite? If it’s brooches, are they all about the sparkle or are they mad for modernism!

Vintage presents make you think and they also send you on a bit of an adventure. Sometimes it takes a trip to ten charity shops, a whole night of eBay trawling or a chance find from a Twitter post to find the right gift! But isn’t that perfect? Doesn’t it capture the whole spirit of the season – the gift hunting, the thoughtfulness, the kindness? The effort.

And very rarely does a vintage gift cost the earth! Now, if a kind benefactor ever does want to pop into my local vintage jewellers and pick up that diamond brooch for me, happy days, I won’t say no 🙂 But the chances are you’ll pick up a gift for under £5. And no, it mightn’t have labels or be in its original packaging but that’s another fantastic excuse for you to get creative with your wrapping! I absolutely love a trip to The Card Factory or The Works for ribbon, raffia, string and tissue paper – they make the smallest vintage gift into an event.

For me Christmas really wouldn’t be Christmas without vintage. I’ve received so many beautiful, thoughtful presents over the years that I absolutely cherish. You can see some of them in my pics. So, do me a little favour and think about going vintage this Christmas for even just one friend.

A vintage Christmas is thrifty, ethical, makes you feel great, and best of all it makes your friend feel extra special and worth more than a 3 for 2.

Rosie xx

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