Happy Reunion

It’s really lovely to reunite that which has been separated for a while, isn’t it? I’ve been thinking about this a lot recently as my sister is getting married next week and my siblings are travelling from London, Vancouver and Melbourne for her wedding. It’s a really special time not just because my fab sis is marrying a gorgeous boy who adores her, but also because it’s the best reason for the five of us to be together again after a few years apart.

It’s somewhat easier these days to be away from friends and family. The world is smaller thanks to FaceTime, WhatsApp, Skype, email etc. We can ‘see’ each other through our phones as often as we want. It’s not quite the wrench it was to travel away from home as it might have been for loved ones in the 60s/70s/80s. We might be far apart, but thanks to technology we’re still very close. All the same, there’s no amount of video chat that can replace a brotherly or sisterly hug.

The Coro bracelet and necklace I’m featuring on the blog today have been reunited too – the bracelet from a charity shop (£5) in Scotland last year and the necklace (£7.99) from an eBay seller in England this week. Now they’ve finally made their way to N Ireland where they will be staying for quite some time! It’s a stunning set. I’ve no intention of letting it go off on another adventure!

Vintage items have often been on their travels and have plenty of tales to tell about the people and places they’ve seen. Some come with a great history and provenance, others we fill in the gaps for with our vivid imagination! Something I love about this Coro set is the fact that after all its travels, its story now has an ending here in Belfast. Reunited at last! But with the end of its travels, there is also a beginning as it starts a new life in my collection. It’s very likely, for instance, that bracelet and necklace will make an appearance at the wedding.

When our not-quite-famous five, along with Mum and Dad, are gathered together next week, the story won’t be very different from that of my beautiful Coro set. After all the travelling has finished, we too will be reunited under one roof, for a very special occasion. It will be the end of a significant chapter for my sister and the beginning of a bright, new one for her, her husband-to-be and their family.

What better reason to be reunited with the people you love.

Rosie xx

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