It’s All About Me

img_2130I’ve been thinking a lot about me in the last few days. It’s funny how rarely we ever utter that sentence, and it’s also funny how challenging it is to say it without feeling like a complete egotist.
How often in our daily lives do we really, truly get the chance to think, and sense and understand what is actually going on inside? I’ve had a lot of time to look inside (guilt free) in the last 48 hours.

I’ve been talking to lots of new people about my love of all things vintage and finding new words and ways to describe the passion and excitement I have for vintage treats and finds. I’ve had to-it’s been oddly difficult. When you’re used to talking to the #vintagefamily on Twitter, you get settled into a comfortable zone where everyone one has the same interest. We share more than just a mutual hobby-we share a language. Having to explain my vintage love has been challenging but it’s led me to new insights into me!

Take the books in the pictures for instance (£0.50-£2.00 from Oxfam and East Belfast Mission shops). To many, they are just old-fashioned, musty and smelly relics of the past. Why do they mean so much more to me? Why do I see personality and beauty; and smell history and adventure; and feel excitement and comfort? What makes my mind, and the minds of my #vintagefamily tick so differently?

And then it became clear. These old, vintage items trigger significant emotions. For me, these books spark a huge, bright picture of childhood contentment, days spent reading books in the rowan tree in my parents’ garden, unlimited excitement about the story within. They make me happy. They provide a connection to wonderful times in my life, and it’s lovely to be surrounded by things that remind me to feel that warmth. At its most simple it’s nostalgia, at its most significant, it’s about our deepest values.

I love my life today and the people in it. I feel warmth and happiness and adventure in so many interesting places. There is something wonderful about reliving childhood excitement (if only for a fleeting second) in the vintage books that I love. It’s a feeling that reminds me how lucky I am in the present, how much I have to be thankful of in my past, and how important it is for adventure, excitement and warmth to be firm fixtures in my future.

What are our vintage finds and obsessions (the trinkets and treats that we love to discuss at #vintagefamilyhour and #vintagefindhour) if not the tangible embodiment of our most positive memories? And isn’t that a comforting idea!
Would love to hear your thoughts.

Rosie xx

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