Lunchtime Vintage Fix

I’m really lucky that I work close by one of the best streets in Belfast for vintage and charity shopping – Botanic Avenue. It’s full of clothes and book shops that fill my lunchtimes with thrifty pottering.

One of my favourite shops is The Rusty Zip, a pre-loved treasure trove full of dresses, skirts, scarves and more. I’ve had more than my fair share of vintage bags from the shop, and most recently this beautiful navy dress.

It was on a mannequin when I popped in, but after drooling over it for a few minutes with shop Manager Laura, the poor mannequin was naked! Did I know if it would fit? No! Did I even ask the price? No! I just knew it needed to be in my wardrobe.  Lucky for me, when I tried it on at home, it was a perfect fit at waist, shoulders and legs. At £16 it’s over my usual vintage budget, yet the spend-versus-wear ratio has already worked itself out in my head! It’s perfect for work with cute black t-bars and I plan to dress it up for a summer evening out with a bright yellow belt, bag and shoes. Versatility overcomes all spending guilt!

I love my visits to The Rusty Zip. It’s a shop that can brighten any lunchtime and I love how the range of stock changes frequently. It’s known locally as the place to go for fancy dress / Halloween outfits but it’s much more relevant than that. It’s a vintage girl’s heaven. Items are really well priced with beautiful vintage bags at £5-£8 for instance so I don’t mind at all paying a bit more for something really special. I think this dress fits the bill.

Rosie xx

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