Mix & Match

I’m really lucky that where I work, I’m surrounded by some really great charity shops and vintage stores. So, often on my lunch break I’ll go on a merry treasure hunt and last week I was really lucky to find this gorgeous top (£2.95, Marie Curie).

The print looks as though the BabyCham deer has gone for a carefree gallop! I love it. And the neon red, violet and black shades work really well together. So well together in fact that although I suspect this lovely blouse is quite a few seasons old, the colour combination couldn’t be more SS14.


The jacket also pictured above is from Zara (http://www.zara.com/uk/en/woman/outerwear/fabric-blazer-c358002p2054503.html) and I’d be hard pushed to find a more perfect match with my bargain blouse. I tried it on with the top, in navy skinnies and skyscraper Mary Janes and it looked really cute! Even though it was a damp, grey day in Belfast I felt as though I was wearing sunshine.

At £49.99, the Zara jacket isn’t as thrifty a purchase as my blouse (or most of my clothes to be honest) but there’s definitely room to mix and match current fashion with bargain buys. I haven’t bought the Zara jacket…yet.

I suspect I will though. I’m a jacket and jeans kind of girl and I think this is a bright, versatile wardrobe staple in a classic shape. It will probably earn its keep and accompany many a thrifty find in the months and years to come. I’ll hang on a while longer though…just in case there’s a wee sale on the horizon.

Old habits die hard!

Rosie xx

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