My Favourite Charity Shop

It might seem a bit odd to have a favourite charity shop…but I do. It’s my local Save the Children store on Botanic Avenue, Belfast and I absolutely love it. The staff and volunteers are fantastic – welcoming, friendly and always delighted to have a chinwag about the day. Every time I pop in there’s a smile and a kind word. I’ve found so many beautiful treats in that little shop from clothes and curtains, to jewellery and homeware. And best of all I only work 5 mins walk away which makes for a perfect lunchtime rummage!

So when I saw the door closed for renovation and workmen in the building, I had a minor conniption! Firstly, my favourite charity shop fix was out of bounds for a few weeks and secondly, I had that horrid feeling that things might change…in a not-so-good way. I didn’t want it to be anything other than what it was – perfect for a vintage rummager!

I needn’t have worried.  Today I called in for the first time and it was the same shop, with added sparkle! The staff and volunteers were full of smiles, there were opening-day choccies on the counter, and the layout was accessible and bright, with fantastic stock on the rails. It had changed, but in exactly the right way.

Naturally enough I didn’t leave empty handed – I never do. As you know I have a blue and white obsession, and a jug obsession (£2) – in fact I think I have all the obsessions!  I also added to my collection of gorgeous vintage earrings (£1)  – I’m still trying to work out the signature on the back. And the butter knives (£5) – I picked up a box of six from this very shop in navy a few years ago with navy handles. These cream ones will make for a cute mix and match at dinner time.

Change is good, especially when it’s done with care and attention to what has gone before. Well done Save the Children, the spirit of friendliness and the thrill of a find is still there!
Your loyal supporter,

Rosie xx

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