Never the Bridesmaid

img_0420I was watching ‘Don’t Tell the Bride this week – can’t believe I just admitted to my guilty pleasure.  It’s a programme that despite its well worn formula still sucks me in every time.

Something that one of the bridesmaids said during the episode really got me thinking. The husband-to-be had bought her a dress in a sale, reduced from £40 to £20. She wasn’t impressed. What was interesting though was that her response wasn’t so much about the quality of the dress or its style, but rather about how much had been spent on it. ‘You can’t spend £20 in the sale on a bridesmaid’s dress, or even £40’ she ranted!

For the bridesmaid, the aesthetic value of the dress directly correlated to its price. She was never going to love it, irrespective of how it looked on her, because in her mind it was cheap, therefore making her feel less special. She also believed there was an invisible budget line that shouldn’t be crossed because the dress was for an important occasion.

I find this attitude strange. I suppose I take a lot of pleasure from not spending a fortune on clothes. I love to chance upon something gorgeous in a charity shop like this beautiful Principles skirt. Or find an incredible bargain in the sales. I have a splurge now and again of course-I’m only human!

I love quality and I love wearing beautiful clothes that fit me to a T. As long as it makes you look and feel good, how little you paid for it shouldn’t matter! I have a polar opposite view to the bridesmaid – the less I’ve spent, the better I feel.  It’s an attitude that has probably developed the more committed I’ve become to charity shopping.

And so even though this beautiful tulip print skirt only cost me £1, I adore it. It hugs the waist in just the right way and flares out with 1950s abandon! The print is just stunning too. Every outfit benefits from an accessory or two whether you’ve saved or splurged so I’ve paired it with some of my favourite accessories – a beautiful modern Accessorize necklace, a 1950s chrome bracelet from the Oxfam shop in Stockbridge, Edinburgh and a vintage onyx brooch which I think came from my local Marie Curie shop.

I suppose everyone finds comfort and confidence in their own individual way. I definitely find mine on a thrifty treasure hunt!

Rosie xx

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