Oh, Carol!


Just back from the cinema. I had to start writing. If I hadn’t, I might have exploded with sheer excitement and happiness.

We saw ‘Carol’ featuring Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara, and my expectations were high, not just of the movie but of the costumes, the detail, the atmosphere. Was I let down? Not a bit! I wanted to run straight out of the cinema to the nearest hairdresser to get a fabulous brushed-under bob!

I won’t talk about the storyline in case I give too much away. Needless to say though, just like Todd Haynes’ other work of art ‘Far from Heaven’, it’s slow and quiet; beautifully paced and perfectly impassioned. Stunning.

As is the way it has been dressed. The vintage detail of the costumes is sublime. The flash of sparkle from an aurora borealis earring, the flourish of a sassy swing coat, the delicate knitwear details. There were geometric bangles and giant statement brooches. High waisted trousers and sew-me-into-them pencil skirts. And oh, the bags…the cream ostrich, the black alligator, I was in love.

Magpie friends, look out for Carol’s engagement ring and the gold brooch that festoons her red coat. Exquisite. From beginning to end it was a vintage lover’s feast.

The genius that is the costume designer Sandy Powell has created a wardrobe I could cry over. She is one talented lady. It’s amazing how her costumes build the characters. The alpha-female sturdiness she gives Carol in her structured dresses, and the naivety of Therese in her pleated skirts and pious necklines. The clothes say so much and change so much throughout the film.

And so in homage to Carol, I’ve decided to break out my beautiful Ackery ostrich Kelly bag. This was a wonderful and unexpected Christmas gift from my little sister last year. I have a terrible tendency to keep my special vintage items ‘for good’…daft I know! No more. ‘Carol’ has motivated me on so many levels, not least of all to embrace and celebrate the things you love most. The things that reinforce the real and actual you.
If I didn’t know just how difficult my thick hair is to contain in a bob, I’d already be at the hairdressers.

For now, I’ll content myself with a fabulous handbag on my arm tomorrow and the memory of a truly beautiful movie in my mind!

Rosie xx
Photo credit: Festival de Cannes via The Telegraph online

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