Pretty Plaid

img_2176So, here’s a little charity shop bag purchase that isn’t vintage..I can hear the gasps! Don’t worry though, there’s a vintage rationale behind it.

Many of you know of my Wonder Woman obsession. But there’s another strong lady who was a childhood hero-SuperGran! What a lady she was.  Positive, magical powers, Scottish and rocked tartan like no one else.

So when I saw this lovely bag from Dune, £5 in my local War on Want store, all those positive SuperGran memories were triggered. I loved the colours, the style and the giant clip to open it. And let’s face it, a little tartan or plaid goes long way.

There’s a fine line between looking like a Bay City Roller and a chic, unique fashion lover. Pair this cute bag with a navy shift dress or skinnies, red beads and heels, and you’ve all the accessories you need to finish off a pretty look for Spring.

If you’re not keen on working the full-on grunge tartan trend that’s rolled over from AW13 into SS14, then choose something small to add to your look-a bag like this, a belt or shoes. A nod and a wink is all you need to channel the best of SuperGran’s style.

Rosie xx

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