Remember Me

I fell in love with this pretty silk scarf the moment I saw it. It jumped out at me from the well stocked rail as often happens when awareness is heightened. I’d spent the weekend in the garden, shovelling two tonnes of topsoil and tidying rose beds. Not everyone’s favourite way to spend a few valuable days off work but I love it. The smell of the soil, the soft texture on your skin as you crumble oversized chunks over the ground, the sense of satisfaction when you’ve finished and know that you’ve given all your beautiful plants the best possible nutrition.  As I said, I truly love a few days in the garden!

Most of all I love roses. I suppose that’s not hard to understand given my name! But there’s one rose in particular that gives me lots of joy. When we bought our house, we became the first people to own it outside of the original family who had purchased it in 1914. When the mother and father of the house died, their daughter Nancy remained the sole resident until her death and that’s when we became custodians of not just a house, but I firmly believe, its soul.

The garden was so pretty and in a circular bed at the front, there were a number of beautiful blooming roses. As I made my way around them, one still had its label attached, the pretty one in the picture. ‘Remember Me’ it read.

To this day, almost 5 years later, I cherish that rose. It’s looking sturdier and happier than ever and I can’t wait for it to bloom again soon. It’s a welcome reminder to me every time I open the front door that we really are mere custodians during our time here. Whether it’s the pretty vintage scarf, bag or brooch, our home, or even a beautiful rose, these treasures are here for us to love and protect for as long as we can, and to pass on to others to cherish when we too are gone.

Vintage, in all its guises, isn’t just a trend or fashion for most of us. It’s an opportunity to play a small part in the protection of history and heritage. The rose at our front door, just like that pretty rose scarf I picked up from a charity shop rail, make sure that we do indeed remember the people and times that came before us.

Rosie xx

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