Stylish Scarves

img_2180I think it’s because I’m a redhead that I’m often most drawn to autumnal colours. So when I saw this beautiful vintage scarf poking out from behind less interesting ones, I didn’t really stand a chance!

It’s made from rayon satin, hence the beautiful sheen of the fabric. And there’s something about the print…it’s full of depth and movement. I love it.

But here’s something I’m not sure I love-wearing scarves. Should have thought of that before you bought it, I hear you say…Well, yes! Fair point well made. But here’s the thing, many women wear scarves and look chic, stylish and elegant. Around the neck, in their hair, on their bags. I’ve never really got beyond feeling like a badly turned out air-hostess.

So, that’s my accessories experiment for this year-to wear a scarf and feel good in it. I’ll report back on my progress of course, but if you have any advice tweet me @GirLovesVintage – I’d love to hear your ideas for bringing a simple outfit to life with a splash of colour from a gorgeous vintage scarf. Look forward to hearing from you!

Rosie xx

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