Winter Chills

It’s been really chilly in Belfast in the last few days, nowhere more so than opposite the draught that flows under our 100 year old door into our living room! With that in mind I thought I’d give myself a useful sewing project – to make a pretty and functional draught excluder.

So, where to start? After a little googling I found lots of inspiration and loved the simple versions of excluders made with heavy wool and tweed fabrics. Simple but beautiful. I know that quality wool can be really expensive and I’m guaranteed to select the Chanel of fabrics from a collection of thousands in any fabric store. Coupled with the sad fact that I haven’t had my machine out in an age I was loathe to risk wrecking a piece of fabulous and expensive fabric in my quest to keep out the cold.

So, I did what I do best and decided to put my faith in charity shop karma! After keeping an eye out for a while, I was wandering around the Marie Curie shop in Lisburn and nestled among the faded cushion covers and discarded curtains was this beautiful remnant. It’s always good to have a rummage through the soft-furnishings section in your local charity shop as there are often remnants on sale. It’s a super cheap way to do a small home project.

The shades of this piece couldn’t be a more perfect match with the fabric colours in our home as you can see in the pictures, and I’m certain I’ll have plenty left over for a simple cushion cover. And at an amazing £4 I’m happy to take the risk with my rusty skills. Worst case scenario, I could always make the piece by hand but where would the fun be in that 🙂

So, the next step will be taking the dusty cover off my machine and prepping the threadbare bobbin. I say this every year – I must try harder to sew more and learn more techniques. This year I mean it! Watch this space.

Rosie xx

*Update – draught is now well and truly excluded!


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