Making Good Use of the Things That We Find

It’s January, that lovely month when all of December’s excesses come back to haunt us! It’s for that reason that so many of us go into detox mode. For some, that means a diet overhaul or a new found zeal for exercise, and for others it’s the decluttering and reorganising of our lives. Right now I’m engaged in a mixture of all of the above but it’s the decluttering that has captured my attention once again. I’ll admit to liking ‘stuff’ – that’s not really much of a confession if you’ve read my blog before. But the stuff I like and acquire tends to be the stuff others want to throwaway. Ultimately, I’ve come to realise that I’m a modern day Womble, patrolling the streets of Belfast rather than Wimbledon Common!

The Wombles’ ethos of ‘making good use of the things that we find’ is a value system close to my heart. It’s why I love charity shopping and all things vintage, and why, when I find like-minded people, it makes me happy. Which brings me to Bertie. You haven’t met him yet. Say hello 🙂 img_5662-3

He’s the latest addition to my menagerie, albeit of the jewellery variety. At the end of last year, a good Twitter pal Pretty Fragmented had posted a link to incredible work by an English sculptor. Using a range of materials, Made by a Prince creates the most stunning pieces of recycled oddities, as he calls them. At the end of last year, I retweeted some of his work and unbeknownst to me, Mr GLV was on full Christmas present alert.

img_5670-1Just a few weeks later, I was unwrapping Bertie the owl and what a surprise he was. Such a beautiful brooch, so considerately and finely made.  Alan, the sculptor was kind enough to send me some pictures of Bertie in process – made from recycled cutlery, he’s a character and one of my all-time favourite pieces of jewellery. Credit to Mr GLV for such a thoughtful present!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

How amazing to see redundant bits and bobs turned into something so unique. To quote The Wombles one last time, to ‘pick up the pieces and make them into something new’ in such a way is quite a skill.

Alan’s work is online at or you can give him a follow on Twitter at @madebyaprince. I highly recommend you do!

Rosie xx

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