Being a collector is a lot of fun! The thrill of the find, the joy of a gift, the pursuit of the unattainable…it has a lot to recommend it. One thing that can be tricky though is storage. Particularly if you have a fondness for a vintage car or two! Luckily, as a brooch obsessive, my storage problems aren’t quite to that scale.

I do have a one or two brooches (just a mild under-estimation) and I like to display them as much as possible. Up until recently I’ve used picture frames with the glass removed and a padded section in its place which works really well. And then I had a super charity shop find!

Display cabinet, £4.95

This cabinet was £4.95 from my local hospice shop. As you can see, lots of perfectly sized compartments for all kinds of brooches and a glass front to keep the dust off. It has brackets on the back for wall hanging too but I didn’t need them as I’ve got a very cute sewing-box table perfectly sized to hold it.

And so began a little make over. A left-over paint sample lifted the mahogany outer from dark to light.

The compartments, while perfectly sized weren’t particularly brooch friendly. So, some fab spare fabric, needle and thread, and a lot of wadding later, and I had 22 bespoke brooch pillows 🙂

It took some time but it was worth it. As you can see, Lea Stein panda in particular looks pretty damn comfy!

I’m really delighted with the end result – there’s lots of room for doubling up too. Although I need a few more of these cabinet finds to be honest. Or to stop my brooch treasure-hunting…I know which is more likely!

I say this so often, but it’s amazing what you find in your local charity shops if you look. From another brooch to add to the collection, to a piece of homeware that is beautiful and practical, they’re always worth a hoke and a poke. I can’t wait until their doors open again.

Rosie xx

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